Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Charleston and Wicked

Cooper River Bridge as Shane and I come into Charleston

Me and My dear friend Malia...She loves the Wizard of Oz proabably more than I do so She was excited to see "Wicked" with me.

Me before Shane and I spend the morning in Charleston

The Bicycle's outside of our Hotel breakfast room
Orange Juice (YUMMY)

Barnacles  :)
Our State Flag flying in Charleston

Shane and I at Battery Park White Point Gardens area (French Quarter)

Wading Fountain

Me and a beautiful array of Honeysuckle...I love Honeysuckle
The Streets of Charleston...One of my favorite photos I have taken

White Point Garden's Battery Park Charleston Sc.  Pinapple Fountain...This is the area where they hung pirates
Malia and Me before seeing Wicked...We were so excited.
Wicked Curtain Before the Show
Shane and I after the show

Our Friends J.J. and Malia

Finally Got to see it! :)

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