Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fashion trends I love!

I have already said this but, I adore this new nail trend...You paint one nail another color or add glitter...This is too cute! :)!

Another picture I have already posted in an earlier blog. However, I have these shoes and I love them...I am 5,4 & 1/2 so these make me like 5'10...Tall girl :) love it...Plus they are super comfy and cute with a dress, skirt or jeans, skinny or boot cut :)!

I don't have this yet, but I am ordering it....How cute will this top be at a Panther's game! LOVE!

The shirt, skirt, hat, jewelry below is a new outfit I just purchased...I LOVE IT! So cute!

I'm addicted to essie.  I love this nail polish...I will probably never wear another. these are a few of my summer colors...Notice the braves red and blue and the blue is a cute dodgers color too! LOVE LOVE LOVE essie.

I went to bath and body works a few weeks ago with my girls...I found this and loved the fragrance...ADDICTED :)

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