Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Memories 2013

Hayden's first visit to the Dentist!

Sable and Samson are growing fast! 6 months and counting!

Hayden trying to be a big boy on Hannah's skate board

Hayden and the puppies

Gracie Loves to do the splits :)

Hayden lost his second tooth!

My foyer after the kids come in from playing in the snow!

Fun in the Snow! :)

Our Backyard :)!

Happy Valentines day! Daddy brought all 3 of his girls flowers

Daddy Brought Hayden a baseball mit of Choclate! YUMMY

Hayden at school exchanging valentines!

My Beautiful Hannah 

Hayden really wanted this fire truck!

He got it! :) HAHAHAHA ;)

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