Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Hayden

In this portrait above I was 30 weeks pregnant with my beautiful boy.   I had already fallen in love with a boy that I hadn't even met yet...Kind of like that Michael Buble song :) LOL! He was already my world and meeting him was like having the chance to meet a great king or a greek god...I am so proud to be his mother and love him each and everyday. I am thankful that I can watch him grow...He is the spitting image of his father and I can only pray that he is half the man that his daddy, popee and papaw are because in that case he will be amazing! :).....It's hard to believe that he is already four and I know that one day he will be towering over me and giving me advice and comfort as I do him now.  He is the air that I breath and the light in my pain.  I am so grateful for my precious baby boy.....

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