Sunday, April 22, 2012

Les Miserables

Loved seeing this with our friends and family last night.....It was unreal....Not long ago I found out that only 4 generations ago on the Burrell side of my family that my great great great grandfather Jean Baptiste Burle came to America from France.  He was the medical aide to General Laffayette during the American revolutionary war.  He traveled everywhere with the General and even met and dined with General George Washington....While here in America with His countrymen, he met a french/american girl named Patience Hanna Bird...He fell in love with her and when General Layfette set sail for home, Jean Baptiste decided to stay here in America...Doing this he gave up his right to the Burle inheritance and the family Chataeu in the south of France. He settled down with Patience and had six children...They decided to pioneer south and came to Union county South Carolina where Jean Baptiste (John Burell) decided to build a home and become the county Doctor...He and Patience were buried in Goshen hills cemetary near Newberry South Carolina in Union county...Three of his children went to Georgia and three went to Mississippi.  So knowing this story and knowing that the Burel family name went all the way back to 1480 in the south of France to Phillipe Burel...I was moved by this musical and the french background and heart and kindness of the main character....Loved the music, the story and the setting...The prouduction was unreal...It amazes me what can be done with technology now :)!

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