Thursday, March 15, 2012

3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

My daddy and mother (the early years :))
As I said in my earlier post, I was adopted by my maternal grandparents...I was only a few months old when they adopted me. So I have called them mama and daddy for my entire life because that is what they were to me.

They had 4 children aside from me...3 girls and one boy. They all became my siblings, but are really my aunts and uncle by blood. My birth mother was the baby of the family...That is until she had me and her parents adopted me...Confused yet?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA.

My parents are the reason I am who I am today. They taught me so much and still do. They are so sweet and not only are they my hero's but they will always be my pastor's...They loved ministry, but knew how to be ministers to their own family before the congregation. They taught me to appreciate other church's besides the one they were ministers in....They took me to Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic and Methodist Churches...They instilled in me a deep love for music the flows to the depths of my soul. They showed me that if you Trust God He will not fail you...They proved to me the True Love does exist...They have been married 64 years this June 11th and I have never seen any other couple love the way that they love each other. I love to travel because of them and experience life and love because of them...They taught me to dream big and to NEVER give up on my dreams..To love passionately and to be a giver of not only love, compassion and kindness, but a giver of my time, tithe and of myself...So my relationship with my parents is precious one and a gift from God. They are my hero's, teachers and I am so grateful for them and they way they raised me. Most importantly I am grateful for how deeply they love me!

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