Friday, March 16, 2012

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

Me at 16
1. It's really okay that you didn't have a sweet 16 birthday party...I mean really it doesn't matter now that you are 33 years old...hahahaha
2. Don't cut your hair in a few years...You think it will look cute but actually you will be stuck with that ugly hair for over a decade HAHAHA
3. You should say yes to that boy named Joey who asked you to be his girlfriend....He will be a better pick for a High School sweetheart then the one you pick your junior year...Joey ends up being really cute and the star of the school baseball team your senior year and he will be a better choice...LOL just sayin hahaha!
4. Tell the girl that keeps asking, "DID THE BELL WRUNG YET?" that she needs a hearing aide and to learn how to tell time...It rings every hour and a half DUH! Plus it is so loud I think all of Atlanta heard it...
5. Your senior year you MUST enter the school beauty pageant....You will actually sing in it and the Judges will pull you aside and tell you they would have all voted for you to be Crowned Miss Meadowcreek! ENTER THE FREAKING PADGENT GIRL!
6. Don't spend so much time babysitting....You will have 3 kids at age 33....Trust me...Enjoy your time without kids LOL its short LOL
7. Learn to play the guitar...You'll regret it if you don't
8. Take summer art and theater classes...You love fine arts!
9. Don't pick Music as your major at LEE
10. Try out for Campus Choir instead of Lee Singers...You actually never tried out for Campus and you regret it now....

Me at Lee University with my stupid short hair LOL

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