Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. I am terrified of Tornado's...When I was a little girl a tornado came through Gwinnett county and hit my aunt Ruth's house and my cousin Tim was hurt. I saw the aftermath of that storm and ever since I have been scared of them. I later found out the my great grandmother Bonnie Burrell (who I look just like) was also very scared of Tornado's.She grew up in Grayson Texas where it was always storming...The funniest thing about my fear of Tornado's is that my favorite movie of all time is the Wizard of Oz. LOL

2. Snakes....I HATE them even the fake ones....I might even be more afraid of the fake ones. In 5th grade my class went to Rock Eagle in Georgia...They had a snake exhibit and brought about 6 snakes out for everyone to pass around....I literally had a stroke...I almost had to be taken to the hospital because I was so afraid and had a major panic attack...The teacher had me breath in a brown paper bag. I am still like that about snakes....

3. Heights....I am so scared of heights oh my goodness...I am not so much afraid of the Heights as I am afraid of falling from them HAHAHA...Elevator's freak me out the most. When I was a Sophomore in College I went to San Antonio and stayed at the Hyatt there...It had 30 floors or more and the elevators had a glass back...I got in one at floor 22 and it dropped all the way to the bottom without stopping at a very fast speed...Needless to say I was climbing the glass and when it finally did stop the doors opened and everyone on the first floor just glared at me as I tried to act like I was cool hahahaaha....I also had a similar experience with my cousin and aunt and my daughter in Savannah....I literally was thinking I might have to climb on top of one of them hahahahah...Grandfather Mtn. bridge scares me to death also....I would save myself before my family in the case of a fall just saying LOL...To each his own hahaha.....I rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror which is like an elevator dropping...Needless to say if this is one of your top fears you might not wanna ride it....I will never ride it again....I cried on the ride! :)

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