Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1. 20 random facts about Me

1. I was adopted by my grandparents
2. I had a tumor on my voice box when I was 10
3. I was healed of that PTL
4. I love the Andy Griffith show and the star himself and would so have dated him back then. OMG I can't believe I just admited that on here
5. I randomly feel the urge to do "The Toothfairy" especially if someone is driving me crazy LOL
6. I love old black and white movies and have seen many of them.
7. I wanted to be a heart surgeon when I was in middle school
8. I also wanted to be a choir director hahahahaa
9. I LOVE searching about my ancestor's
10. I love to decorate for every holiday. This trait was passed down from my Aunt Charlene...:)
11. I would die if I couldn't sing again, so that is kinda my thing even though I don't sing in front of people anymore.
12. I have written many poems since I was 10 years old and no I am not putting them on here LOL
13. I want to write songs lyrics. I just need someone to write the music for me
14. I would love to live in another country for a year...France or Italy
15. My dream is to visit Africa someday
16. I want my ashes to be spread at Crystal Cove California.
17. Although I can talk to anyone and I meet no strangers. I hate talking to people....I would rather hide from the world hahahaha LOL...I actually cringe at the thought of being social yet I am one of the best at it LOL. I am just like my Aunt....
18. I am very unorganized, but I am constantly working this situation out LOL!
19. I love very few people and like many
20. I think I am beautiful :) :)

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I agree with your point about being beautiful. Your face shines beauty.