Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some of my Favorite Hayden finds!

Having a boy after two girls has been and is very fun, but when Hayden was a baby I was very disappointed in stores selections....My Awesome friend Allie has hooked me up for 2 years now with adorable gap, old navy, children's place and so many more cutie pootie outfits for my little monkey so anything I buy just adds to the already adorable stuff I have been blessed with from my dear friend. I love fashion and I also love for my kids to be comfy and stylish at a great cost :)! LOVE DEALS! One of my favorite places to shop for Hayden and the girls as well, but mostly Hay is Children's place! AWESOME STORE with amazingly cheap prices! I love the Gap and will occasionally buy adorable stuff for the kids there, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Children's Place! Here are some of my favorite spring finds that I have already purchased for my little man! By the way Hayden LOVES to wear hats and he looks so dang cute wearing them too! So that is my favorite accessory to buy for him! Hope you guys enjoy this blog today...If you have grandboys or little monsters running around the house this might help you get to looking for cute items for spring for your little man! Love you out there!

I bought these Pj's for him and he loves them! His are short sleeve! A must for my little sweat hog! LOL

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