Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Her Little Princess World

A few months ago we bought Gracie a desk. She was excited, but we had to store her Rose petal cottage in order to have room for her desk! This weekend Gracie begged me to get the cottage down from the attic to play for a while! I was irritated, but began to think about when I was a little 7 year old girl and how fast time flies. I thought about Hannah and how at almost 12 she isn't really into playing with baby dolls and little houses such as the rose petal cottage and that in just a few years Gracie will be just like that. Needless to say! I took the desk out of Gracie's nook area, put it in the attic and put her rose petal cottage back in! I want to keep my baby girl little for as long as possible or at least as long as she will allow us to do so!


tmburr2000 said...

Ok, you just made me cry. Believe me, you are so right. You blink your eyes....and your little girl that used to love Barney and Polly Pockets and Barbies is a grown-up beautiful young woman. Take advantage of every moment...

Anonymous said...

They truly do grow up soooo fast!!!! I still can't believe my Ashley is married!!! I reminisce alot about when she was a little girl and I think about how much I miss those days!!!!
What a sweet mama you are for thinking about what Gracie needed at the moment and not giving in to your irritation about the situation. I'm proud of you little mama!!!
Love ya sooo much!