Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Perfect Little Tea Pot!

A few posts ago I stated how I had found what I wanted for my china cabinet! I found the tea set named by Gracie China and two beautiful China Collections that bare the name of Hayden and Hannah. Well, Shane decided to order me the beautiful Tea Pot and Tea Cup/saucers from Gracie China. He surprised me with them :)! I was actually planning on waiting because I am not in that big of a hurry to get things done, I mean we have moved a lot over the past 12 years and now that I feel settled what is the rush you know? When I opened the box to view my new tea pot I noticed right off that the handle was broken! Shane immediately tried to wrap it back up and place in the box to be shipped back so that we could get another one in perfect condition! I grabbed it out of his hands and pulled it close to my heart and told him that it was indeed not going back from where it came from and to me it was perfect in every way!

You probably think it is so odd that I would want a broken piece of china sitting on my shelf in my dining room, but I don't think there is anything anymore beautiful or inspirational especially for me to view on a daily basis! First off, Shane purchased that piece just for me as a surprise so that within itself makes that little teapot unique, but then you add the imperfection and well I just think that it is perfect! Just think? A beautiful piece of china that has been broken! What a story! That little tea pot reminds me of myself. On the surface I put on my makeup, enjoy fashion, I am very delicate and fragile and yet I am broken! Every time I look at this tea pot now I will not only see my precious husband's love for me and the sacrafice he made to give it to me, but I will see God's love for me and the sacarifice that His son Jesus made for me on the cross when He was broken that I might be saved! He was perfect, but was broken for my sins! I will also think of the fact that I have been broken, but God continues to love me and take care of me and mend me. Yay for God's love and Yay for my little broken tea pot! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Hunny Bunny said...

Well this is really sweet