Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Favorite Things!

While walking through my house today I began to think about a few of my favorite things over the past few days! Not all of my favorite things, but just a couple of things that I really think is neat or that I treasure. I thought I'd share with you guys because you might wanna give them a try too!

I wear these necklaces almost everyday! The one of the left is a real black pearl necklace from Shane and the one on the right is from my dearest friend who is my sister not by blood but by bond! I love these pieces! The black pearl heart necklace came from and the sisters necklace from Allie B Orginals....You can check out her work at

I love this brown hair clip! I can fix my hair and if need be I can quickly put this clip in and it doesn't mess up my cute do that I worked so hard to fix! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The pony tail holder is great because it is the color of my hair and can be worn as a little fancy pull back and it's great about not breaking my hair either! :) These are must have's if you have long hair!

I LOVE Aveeno, but I really Love this body wash! It smells great and I love to use it at night in a quick shower before bed. AHHHHH!
Came across this magazine while at Walmart! I love fashion, but I want my kids to look too cute as well! This is a great magazine that gives you really cute ideas for your kids outfits and rooms even neat idea's for school lunches! It's like a fashion magazine for your kids! AWESOME! Gotta love it!
This idea came from my amazing friend Allison! My rainbow flowers were drooping from Valentines day and welll, I still wanted to enjoy them. Because of talented Allie; I cut them and placed them in smaller vase! :) I can still enjoy them and they look so pretty still!

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tmburr2000 said...

Enjoyed your blog today and the pics and background. I so love those beautiful roses!