Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Gratitude :)

What a wonderful week and a beautiful weekend for our family.....

I am thankful for:

Gracie being protected in a scooter accident that could have really injured her...She came out of her little accident with a black eye and a bad scratch, but she still has her eye thank the Lord....

Gracie's little chat with me about Heaven and Hell she saw Abe Lincoln's picture on a $5 bill that her Papaw and Mamaw Sent her and this is what she said. "Abe Lincoln is still alive because he is in heaven and you don't die when u go there"...then she paused and said, "Well ya don't die when u go to Hell either, but I don't like Hell so u might as well be dead if u go there, duh" This coming from the same child that came to me at three and grabbed my face and said "mommy you make my heart feel so good." :)

Being able to hang out with our children at school and give them valentines :)

Watching the kids play in the snow, giggling and laughing

Getting homemade valentines from my sweet little girls

Hayden's new little funnies that he is doing now

Hannah's jokes hehehehe

our nice warm house on a snowy day

Christine from Hillsong Church

My Family from North Carolina and Georgia and Florida and Mississippi....I love you all so much and wish you all lived in my cul de sac

The fun time playing in the snow with Shane, our kids and their friend Nikki...

Our Valentine cards from my parents and the picture they sent me of my grandmother mamaw Burrell who i favor so much so that it's almost scary....

My Valentine date with shane...We finally got to see Blindside "the movie" and we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grille

The opportunity to be at Meme and Popee's last service at union and to eat at Gene's YUMMY

That our girls have today off from school :)


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