Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am thankful for:

Dinner and a Movie with JJ and Malia Friday Night
Fun times with Allison and Tommy eating wings and watching hangover (LOVE THAT MOVIE)
Mani and Pedicure with Allison I needed one SUPER DE DOUPER BAD i love my nails so cute
The hard core workouts this past week WOW! I need them too
Shane ,I really don't take the time to appreciate how sweet and good and thoughtful he is to me...He gets on my last nerve sometimes (last night) hehehe, but he is almost always thinking of me first and it doesn't go unnoticed :)
Hannah reminding me of myself a
Hayden making me giggle
Gracie Feeling better
My LG washer and Dryer AHHHH it has really come through for me with the sanitary option and steam options to clean up vomit out of clothes and linens...
Our Theater Room and the fun times we are having in there watching movies as a family....
Working out With Tiffany...I have missed her the past few days!
Lunch with the Sparkle City Girls I missed Lori and Candice
My Long Talk with My sweet friend Andrea
The Last Song (a book my nicholas sparks that I am reading)
Breakfast brunch here at home Pancakes, Sauage, Eggs = yummy
Shane's New Office Space (it rocks) and is close YAY
Jelly Beans Kids hair salon
Cleaning my House :) I am healthy enough to do it and I love it :)
4 day weekends
internet church bwhahahahaa
our cul de sac and the fun the girls are having outside
warmer weather bring it on!
Brita filter Pitcher ( I LOVE IT)

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