Sunday, January 24, 2010



I am thankful for:

The stomach bug going through our house fast! we all had it, but thank goodness it didn't last long!

our sweet baby boy Hayden

Our Backyard and the Fun I had with My girls....

Game night with the Davis's and The fun time we had Making s'mores and roasting marshmallows in the outside chimney

Eating Lunch with popee and my family at wasabi and my awesome time with my sweet, precious friend Caley at the bobcats game in charlotte...I got to meet ric flair for shane :) I was honored I think?!?!?! HEHEHE

Enjoyed Sunday at Grace Church and Lunch with my dearest friend and sister forevah :) and her family :)

I am so blessed and sooo thankful for all of the meaningful and precious things in my life from family, friends, health, God's Love and grace and salvation...To the insignificant and trivial things that I feel so lucky to have that make my life easier and fun :)! Thank you Jesus and My I never cease to thank you and be proud of what YOU have blessed me with :)!

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