Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepovers and Bobcats Games :)

This weekend we had a blast...I fixed corn chowder, chili and cornbread for our family and some friends Friday night....Hannah and Gracie both had friends over to spend the night and well they had a so much fun:)...Our Friends Tiffany, Jj and Malia stayed and ate some grub and then the Davis's stayed and played monopoly with Shane and I; which I must say was the longest game I have ever played.... Malia and Shane are not fun to play with because they are TOO competitive, but I enjoyed laughing with J.J. hahahahahahaha! Game night's with the Davis's ROCK! :)
The Girls slept in the Theater Room...This was them Saturday morning HAHAHAHA

The girls had a blast and woke up and played into the afternoon on Saturday....I made the girls "panny cakes" as gracie calls them :) hehehehehe and they ended up playing into the afternoon...

Saturday night was so much fun....Me, Shane, Allison and Tommy got a chance to slip away to Charlotte for a Bobcats Game...They played the Memphis Grizzles and won...It was a nail biting game at the end....After the game we ate at the Mez....It is located at the epicenter in Charlotte...What a cool hip place....It is also a movie theater...You can watch a movie and eat dinner at the same time...We just opted for the Dining room this time, but I can't wait to see a movie there :) so cool!

I am so thankful for Tommy and Allison and the boys being in our lives and for our sweet memories we have from over the years...I look forward to making a ton more with them.... :) i love you guys! tear tear! God is So Good :)

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