Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

Shane sold our psl seats for the panthers game last thursday and bought us some seats for the taylor swift concert on ebay...My girls and I love taylor swift...She is our favorite singer...We have played her cd to death in our car then Hayden got a little older and well he didn't like her, but loved watching Elmo on t.v. in the car :) HAHHAHAHA so we have been deprived a few months...

The concert was sooo amazing and we had a blast.....I didn't think Shane would like it...He isn't a country fan...I mean we are talking about a man who listens to 80's rock all of the time "ROLLING MY EYE"S" and who loves bands like Coldplay, U2, Fallout boy, Theory of the Dead and Kings of Leon, Linkin Park just to name a few.....And 80's stuff OH LORD.....Poison, White Snake, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Guns n roses and going back a bit further KISS...Yes i just said KISS...>UGH...LOL so country well really isn't shane especially when he was flashing the rockin roll sign and sticking his tongue out during the first act like he was Gene Simmons LOL, The First act was, well very country LOL hehehehe....However, Taylor Swift had a rocker lead electric guitar guy and he rocked out almost everyone of her songs which was really awesome and Shane LOVED it......The show was very theatrical and interesting....She almost made me cry at one point when she took out her ear plugs to stand and listen to the crowd cheer...She started crying as she heard them yelling and cheering for her...It was surreal to see someone so young taking it all in with appreciation in her face and heart....SHe is not only very good at keeping the audience entertained and knowing the audience, but she is a talented muscian, playing the piano and guitar and writing almost all of her songs....Pretty Awesome...I felt like I was watching a movie with every song...It was really cool! The sets were made up of a HUGE see through screen that changed scenes without actual props it was wild :)...Lights and scene changes were unbelievable!

We all had fun...Here is some pics from our night!

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