Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hayden the Rockstar :) LOL

Hayden at Church (NewSpring) this morning sportin his Roar Shirt Looking like his daddy :) Btw shane has this shirt in his size...SO cute :) LOL

Hayden in his Marc Ecko Jeans and T-shirt :) LOL hehehehe we couldn't find him the brands shane wears except for ROAR they had a few things online for boys, but the big names like affliction, filter and archaic; we had no luck finding them.....I really like the marc ecko line for kids and the dkny is cute too..looks almost like what shane wears..If you are interested in these brands for your baby boy you can find; adorable, modern stuff that is really cute and looks totally cool, at the Neiman Marcus at South Park mall in Charlotte and Atlanta too...Sax's and Macy's sometimes carry these brands as well or just look up marc ecko or dkny online...:)...The Roar shirts are from the internet...Happy shopping for our cute's hard to find different, but stylish stuff for boys UGH unless you put them in basics...Most of these kids clothes aren't as expensive as the boutique brands and I think they are cuter especially on boys plus they are a good investment because once your son has grown out of them you can resale them and make some if not all of your money back on the internet...SO have fun looking :)

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