Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Journal

I bought a Journal....A Beautiful leather bound book just for my thoughts. I have been reading a wonderful book again called "Who Got Peanut Butter on my Daily Planner?" It is a great book for stay at home mom's and it encouraged me to start writing..I bought the book Fearless, by Max Lucado and hope to start reading it as well this week....Anyway, I must say after typing so much on the computer, i got a cramp in my hand from writing, but it was liberating to jot down my thoughts or funny happenings from my day....I am looking forward to my journal experiences and I might even decide to share one or two every now and again...

This week has been odd...Gracie had what I think to be food poisoning that was accompanied with throw up and the runs which the throw up at one point made it down our hall and steps...THANK GOD FOR WOOD FLOORS :)....Hayden has been sick somewhat too with allergies...I think we might have to put little man on a prescription for his allergies because he is sick year round with them and the Zyrtec isn't working as well anymore....

We switch Hannah and Hayden's rooms and I am so happy as are they...I will post pics later....Thanks to Sandra who painted them for us....She is awesome....We finally got them straight and Hayden LOVES his room and Hannah thinks she is a teenager :) LOL!

I have been enjoying the first few nice fall days...I hope and pray it stays this way, but i have a feeling that Indian summer will show up before we really get to enjoy this fall weather....

I am so grateful today for:

the fall weather
reddish/orange mums
jack o lanterns
candy corn and pumpkins YUMMY
yankee candles that smell like fall
my home
our backyard and playground for playtime
sunshine on a crisp fall day
my friend candice :) she is a joy to be around! Love you girl
October :)
the gym after i eat the cookies LOL
yummy soup from Mcalisters :)
The older couple in line at Kohl"s who were so nice to my screaming toddler :)
my new workout pants LOL i know i know so lame
My new book fearless by max lucado :) can't wait to start it :)

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