Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday....It started off with my yoga class....You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and stretch and it feels wonderful? Well, that is how my whole hour was...SO refreshing.....Afterward I did some cardio and then got dressed and went with Shane and Hayden to Spartanburg to meet up with my friend Nicole to see our friend Lori who is an amazing lady and was in the hospital recovering for surgery...She had endured months of chemo and surgery to remove all cancer....She is a very strong woman who encourages me....I was so happy to see her on my Birthday! Thank you Nicole for my sweet card...You are so precious to me along with all my other buddies from over that way :) Caley, Candice, Kristy.....I love you girls :)

For lunch I picked Red Lobster..YUMMY It was nice to eat with my 2 men :)! Then I came home to a beautiful arrangement of fruit, balloons and teddy bear from my sweet Shane :)! He is so precious! :) I LOVE HIM!!!!!! :) He made my day so special....Edible Arrangements are AWESOME :)!

For dinner we met our friends for mexican and I was surprised by sweet presents and a yummy cake that my friend Christy made for me and my Gracie! Thank you Steven, Christy, Tiffany, Brad J.J., Mailia & Wayne and Deborah for all your wishes, love and presents! I love you mean the world to me!

I was amazed by the outpouring of love from all my friends at facebook as well.....from inbox messages to wall post i got over 60 Happy Birthday's all from people I know and I love dearly! :) Thanks all of you! I love you very much :)! I got tons of phone calls with lots of singing voice mails left :) and many text messages....I have never felt so loved :) WOW :)

I thank the Lord for another year and for my health, for my family and the many many more blessing He has poured out on me....I don't deserve all of the goodness and blessings, but I am so grateful for them just the same....Words can't express the gratitude I have in my heart for all the goodness in my life! God is so good and His grace still amazes me and His love for me is out of this world :)!

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