Wednesday, October 7, 2009

U2 Concert

Shane and I went to Atlanta last night to see U2 play at the Georgia Dome...First off, I just want to say thank you to meme who watched our children for us to go and secondly I want to say thank you to my awesome husband for taking me on what I like to call a "super dates" .....We are so blessed to be able to go out on dates almost every week, but occasionally we go on "super dates"....These dates might be panthers football, charlotte bobcats basketball games or concerts...Last night was the U2 concert at the Ga Dome...Shane got us amazing seats and I must say that if you haven't been to a U2 concert than you haven't experienced a "real" concert! It was unbelievable...The stage took up just about the entire football field and almost touched the top of the dome in the center....It was like a giant space ship dome itself with a catwalk all the way around the entire stage and two bridges to connect the center stage to the huge catwalk....AWESOME! I sang my heart out to almost every song...MY favorite part of the concert was when Bono began sing amazing grace, ac cappella and the crowd of some 65,000 plus sang with was the most humbling experience...I enjoyed riding the marta...It brought back a lot of memories from riding the "kiss ride" growing up :)! Made me miss Hotlanta....We met a lot of really nice and kind people from all over the country; who sat around us...Some from NYC and DC just to name a few...There were many from all over.....What an awesome experience

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