Sunday, August 30, 2009

Panthers Game

Shane went all out for us this year and is now a very proud aka "HAPPY" psl owner of two awesome club seats at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte...We have season tickets to all home games preseason included and if we can't make a game well you know the old sell it on ebay trick :) lol...We are so excited and look forward to this NFL football season....Last night was the first game at home for the preseason..Yes the Panthers suck right now, but at least it doesn't count; YET LOL...and they will probably suck all year, but we still love them and will enjoy going and experiencing the nfl games :) it is a blast! Shane decided to take Hannah to the game last night to have spend some time with her...This was her very first NFL football game...She had the time of her life :)! Her and Shane bonded and were so cute with all their war stories from the game when they got home... :)!!!! Check out the pictures of my Beautiful daughter and Her amazing father that I love so very much ;).......

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