Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Party

Me, Hayden and Gracie enjoyed our evening with our friends from Lyman for a birthday party for our sweet friend Hannah England...She is a doll baby and almost made me cry when she hugged me bye :)! she has such a big heart full of love! she is a darling :)! It was so nice to celebrate her and to be with our sweet friends...We love you all!

Me with my friends Nicole, Caley and Kristy :) I love you girls :)

Hayden Before he spilled fanta all over him :)

The Girls with the Birthday Girl Hannah England :) she turned 7 :)

Hayden made friends with Charlie...They are both little terrors but so cute :)

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proudarmywife said...

Aww, you made a blog about your day with us, YAY!! I'm SO GLAD ya'll got to come, it was so much fun and Hannah had a BLAST! She wore her new outfit from ya'll to school today...she's ROCKIN IT! LOL!