Monday, August 24, 2009

My Friend Andrea :)

So I have a friend and her name is Andrea :)! She has been a constant in my life for a very very very long time years...She is a Miltary Wife and Mother of 3...She is an amazing person....We talk on the phone as much as possible, but never get to see each other...I was excited to meet her in Ashville Saturday Night for dinner and just time to catch up...Her Husband is in the Airforce and they are stationed at Andrews Airforce Base Currently, but could possibly be moving to a base in Japan in a few months....They have been in the miltary for over a decade now and I am so proud of them and I appreciate all their family has sacrificed over the years living on bases in different states and cities away from family and friends...It is crazy the time that Andrea and the Children had to spend away from Jason, while he went to Korea, and Iraq several times....They are amazing :)!
I had such a good time with my dear friend and hope to get another chance to hang out with her before their move :)!

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