Saturday, August 22, 2009

My LIttle Man "HAYSTER"

He is a Handful this one, but so cute :)...Hayden is 100 mph or more and into everything...He loves to break stuff and watch things be destroyed :) LOL....He climbed up the stairs in a record breaking 3 secs :) so we got a baby gate LOL....He loves the rocks in our fire place and yes you can actually poop rocks because he has :) LOL....If you sit him down to walk you are never going to stop running after him and if you catch him it is like wrestling a wild monkey or bear :)...LOL he loves to throw things and his favorite thing in the world is getting in the kitchen drawers and cabinets and making huge messes :)......He growls for no reason..He burps like he is 30 already :) and if he doesn't like food he will gag until it comes out and then laugh because it fell from his mouth....He LOVES cars and makes the car sound when playing with his cars...He love transformers and his favorite is bumblebee :) LOL .......HE is a mess and I never dreamed a boy would be this different from my girls, but GOOD LAWD!!!!! My little baby boy is turning into the hulk LOL a very fast hulk....I love him so do I love him wow! he is just amazing and still even though the baby boy infant has turned into Spiderbaby/hulktoddler overnight he still takes my breath away and i adore every inch of him....This is a glimpse of a few seconds with the HAYSTER :)

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