Saturday, June 6, 2009


I am always always thankful for the MANY blessings that I have in my life, I have be known to write them down, but haven't been doing so the past few months....Today I just felt like writing down my thankful thoughts!

I am thankful for:
The serious stuff that matters most~:
My Health
Shane's Health
My Kids Health
My kids Laughing
Shane's Kisses
Smoochies from My Little man and little ladies
Hugs from Meme and Popee
Friday Night dinner with meme and popee
Phone conversations with family and friends I love you my sweet andrea :) you are more like my sister since i have know you for 28 years LOL
Our Family's
Pee Wee our little doggie who is geting old :( poor fellow
Shane's Businesses...Thank you Jesus!
Our Family time
Getting to Sit with shane at church
my beautiful flowers
Barney and Elmo, Transformers and Cars:) for Hayden
Jonas Brothers and Miley Cirus,Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato LOL for Hannah and Gracie
Mr. Taylor in simpsonville and His jewlery! beautiful stuff :), but he is more beautiful :)
Facebook...Because I have been able to get in contact with ppl from Richmond Va and Charleston Sc Places we were in ministry, I am in contact with friends from Lee, Highschool, Family friends from Georgia that i grew up knowing and most importantly family that I would NEVER get to talk to otherwise...What a blessing to be able to connect to the "Real" ppl from my life...So cool :) On top of staying connected to my friends from abundant life and ridge pointe :)!

Trivial Things, but so thankful all the same even though they are meaninless and only last for a is a blessing to have them even if it is just for a day!
Our Beautiful Home (It is my dream house) and everyone has their own room~ Praise GOD!
My Car AKA SALLY hehehehe I have had this suv longer than any other vehical we have owned 6 years!
The Radio and T.v. so that my kids can watch cartoons from nick and disney and cartoon network, so cool...It made my 6 year old car new again...
Meme and Popee's New House...It is beautiful and I am so happy for them :)
My Backyard
The Neighborhood Pool...The best there is in town...It's like we have our own waterpark!
The Sports Club at Five Forks LOVE THAT PLACE!
My whirlpool tub! it is like having my on hot tub in the is huge!
My Weekend Getaways
Full body massages having my first today!
Skinny White Chocolate Mocha Frappocino's from Starbucks
My Iphone :) I have a love hate relationship with this piece of technology...I mean i have had it almost a year...Again longer than any other phone i have ever had :) LOL
My Pink Macbook air it is freakin hot!
Spa pedicures :)
Yoga Class
Instant Dry Nail polish
Lucky Magazine :)


TitansFan said...

When you're talking about your whirlpool tub being like having a hot tub inside. I'm right there with ya. I have a really cool Whirlpool Tub myself. It has a TV too!

Candystn30 said...

yep mine is just like that actually better :)