Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Goals Reached and More Set!

Well, If you follow Shane and I on facebook you know our status usually has the word workout somewhere in it...LOL...Since joining the five forks sports club we have been enjoying every advantage being a memeber will give us and we have somewhat become addicted to working out...Which is not a bad thing! Since starting Shane has lost almost 30lbs and looks really good..He is working on building muscle now WHOO HOOO HOLLA :) LOL....He is already built like a linebacker with wide shoulders and big chest perfect for muscle's (upside down triangle) so he is gonna be a beast! :) LOVE IT!!!!

I am working out for one hour a day and attending yoga classes 2 to 3 times a week....Since joining in April I have gone from a size 8/10 to a size 4/6 cool huh, considering a year ago I was 180lbs and Just had a baby and was at size 16.... Right now I am weighing in at 137 and My goal is to be at 130 before the summer is over....

I create goals for myself; like this week my goal was to climb 120 floors on the stair climber in 30 min...I reached 110 yesterday and reached 115 today...So i guess I have to get it tomorrow :)...I like to switch up my routine...Someday's I do eliptical at the highest intensity and fastest speed i can go for about 30 min then do the stand up bike for that amount of time...I also like to do 3 different machines at 20 min each at the highest, craziest, most intense levels....It burns, hurts and sometimes I want to scream and even cry, but afterward I could climb a mountain....These are the machines I use minus the weights and rowing machine

Below is a machine called the cardio wave...OMG i did it for 10 min one time and thought i was going to die and I will tell you when i workout I am serious about it and get super intense...I DON'T take the easy way out, but this thing is a death machine LOL!!! My goal is to be able to do 30 min on it! by the end of the summer hopefully sucks! I hate it and most ppl at the gym avoid it LOL it is the last machine to be taken :) HEHEHEHE, but it really works and tones up areas that a women like me could use toning up in! Next month's goals include focusing on some weights a little more than I am doing...I don't want to be a body builder, but need to tone up more thinking about getting a personal trainer for that...UUGGGG i will die I am sure LOL shane i swear has looked very sick after his sessions LOL hehehe, but they are paying off and he is learning what to do and how to do it with building up strength in his core and weight training......

Yoga is amazing...It is one of the best workouts ever and you really burn the calories...not so much like you would in an intense cardio setting, but it reallys does help tone you up, strengthen you and balance you....I LOVE IT!!!!! I can do most of the positions now without using the blocks and straps like i did starting out in Iyengar Yoga which is a form of Hatha yoga...YAY ME LOL....It is very hard too sometimes especially if you go into yin yoga which is very similar to hatha yoga, but in this yoga practic you are building up your tissues as you stay deeper and longer in the poses....MAN it burns LOL...Namastee :) HEHEHEHE Oh Lord :) hehehe

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