Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Week Of Summer Break

I have been enjoying this first full week out of school...I love being with my kids and having fun with them so summer is a plus......I had my very first full body one hour massage...It was amazing...Can't wait to go again soon

We have had Rob and Michael in all Week from Florida and enjoyed hanging out with them...
We have gone swimming.....

Enjoyed the Greenville Zoo and Cleveland Park

Me, Shane and the Kids went to the Glazing Pot where we made a cute plate for rob :)

The girls also enjoyed their first week as part timers (meaning they go two days a week) at summer camp :), where they swim, play, have bible lessons and hang out with friends :)!!!!!

Well I am off to New york Tonight.....Flying out of Gsp with My Shane for a romantic weekend getaway...Stopping in Washington for a layover and I hope to see my Best Friend Andrea then on to the Big Apple!!!!

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