Friday, May 1, 2009

No Pics this week :)

I have had a very good week

*been working out, yoga, cardio and weight training....what a stress reliever...if you are ticked go lift weights and run as a fast as you can on the treadmill or eliptical...You will get all of your anger, hurt, disappointment and ill pill attitude gone quick...I have lost 66lbs in a year since i have had hayden....Last year at this time after having him i wore a size 16 i now can wear a size 6..thanks to an amazing family doctor, eating better and working my butt off! Now to keep it off UGGGG so fun right....I think i will be okay if i can just NOT get pregant LOL that tends to put weight on me LOL!
*had a follow up visit with hayden's dr and got hayden on a stronger antibodic..he has had an ear infection for 3 months so i am hoping to get rid of it with this med...
he has horrible seasonal allergies that cause the congestion, wheezing and ear infection so we have him a medicine for that as well and thank the lord it seems to be helping...
*Got my cute mongrammed garden flag with our S intial from a cute cute store online and had brandi to make a beautiful wreath for my front door..she is very talented :) thanks for all your beautiful and hard is home is starting to look more like my home ;)
*getting ready for hayden's birthday party next week...just having some family over to celebrate...thought about inviting a bunch of baby friends but He could careless about that right now...take it from a mom of 3! LOL I'll save that fun for next year! Hoping some of my family can make it! Having a western theme...Again he could careless LOL
*Hannah is doing amazing in school and loving it...Making wonderful grades! PRAISE GOD!
*Gracie is bored and wants to go back to school...LOL
*Shane is also working out and getting buff, eating better and I am so proud of him....He is getting healthier :)!

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