Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother/Daughter Banquet's

This weekend I celebrated being a mother with my sweet little girls.....Any of you that know me know my background and can only imagine how blessed I feel to have not one, but two daughters in my life....So to share and mother/daughter banquet or two with them was so special to me and I look forward to many more....We attended the Union COG's Mother/Daughter Banguet Friday night which is Shane's dad's church and was blessed to have the opprotunity to hear Shane's grandmother speak... and Abundant Life's Banquet Saturday! Here are some pictures :)! Popee (shane's dad) was also at the mother/daughter dinner :)!

Saturday while me, Hannah and Gracie went to the AL banquet, shane took our lil man to his first birhtday party...What an awesome daddy :)!!!! He took some pics!

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