Friday, April 3, 2009

Shane, surprised me last night when he came home from the office with this book..."All I need is Jesus & a Good Pair Of Jeans"
By Susanna foth aughtmon....

He bought some investment books to read and saw this and got it for me...SO I started reading it last night....It is SOOOOO good and I recommend it for every lady I know...It also has a study guide...

I love it :) It talks about what us women struggle with everyday...Here are the Chapter Title's:

1. I am oh so tired (tired lady and how she creeps up on us)
2.I am not a supermodel (compare a girl)
3.I have pride issues
4.I worry about things
5.I forget there is no condemnation in Christ ( condemning ourselves)
6. I want chocolate to solve my problems
7. I sin a lot
8. I am jealous of my friends
9. I judge ppl
10. i have anger issues
11. I am undisciplined
12. I get to busy for God
13. I am selfish
14. I am lonely
15. I wish life were easier
16. I don't like to admit that I am wrong
17. I am not sure of my purpose in life
18. I am a ppl pleaser
19. I cry a lot
20. I covet things.......lots of them
21. I am not great at sharing my faith
22. I don't feel lovable
23. I have a long way to go

These are not long chapters they are very short LOL, but I believe that each woman deals with everyone of these chapter topics....You might think you don't have issues in these area's until you start digging and then you find out that UH OH! you do :) so i am excited needless to say about this book and I hope others are inspired to get it as well :)

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