Friday, April 3, 2009

All I need is You

Sunday night we went to New Spring church and if you didn't know already, their sunday nights have the extended music sets...AWESOME!
anyway...All I need is you from Hillsong United was one of the songs....I have been singing it all week...

The Campus pastor came out during this song and began to talk about the bad economy and ppl who are dying with cancer and basically all doom and gloom...then he proceeded to say, "BUT GOD REIGNS, He reigns in our finances, in our homes, our broken marriages, He reigns in our cancer eaten bodies and our sorrow from a lost child...He Reigns our God Reigns..All we need is him..."

You know it is true...All we need is Him...He does indeed reign....

Perry Noble said " You can't have a supernatural experience with God unless you surrender to God"

Surrendering our fear, financies, sorrow, pain, marriage, children, brokenness completely will result in a supernatural experience that only God can bring....But we must realize (I) must realize :) that He is in fact all I need!......

I have lived in surrender and seen the supernatural come forth....
When I was 5 I surrendered my heart to God and He saved me
when i was 10 I surrendered my malignant tumor to God and He healed me
when I was 20 I surrendered my child to God and he touched her
when I was 25 I surrendered my marriage to God and he turned it around for the better
when I was 28 I surrendered my financies to God and He blessed them

when you surrender it to him you trust Him completely to do what He said in his word he would do....So I choose to testify about what God has done in my life through surrender, but I don't want to live on yesterday's surrender and supernatural blessings...I want to start today surrendering all of me to the only one I need!

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