Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a beautiful day!

I am so thankful today for:

*the time that I got to spend with my family

*God's Love in my life

*My Sweet Girls excited about church today they loved being back with their old friends and loved making new ones tonight :) They couldn't stop talking about Abundant Life Kids Church and what they learned and As we Left New Spring They we telling us what they learned which Ironically was the same subject from this morning and the friends they made...They are so cute...My sweetie pies :)

*Even though my LiL hayden boy cried this morning and tonight...He made my day when I picked him up this morning and he kissed me and hugged me tight! AHHHHH nothing like my sweet boy giving his mama love :)

*My Heavenly Father who knows what I need before I even know...

*The key to unlocking the supernatural in our lives is living in surrender to God and obeying Him in everything He commands. Perry Noble (Shane and I are living proof of this statement)

*Those who see our blessings and fuss about them got in on the end of the movie and didn't see all the sacrifice and surrender and our heart behind it all.... Dennis Stone (heard this too today...So awesome that in two totally different services God was speaking to shane and I and letting us know he was with us)

*God speaks to us even when we are stubborn and think we know it all :) LOL which btw we don't know anything!

*GOD REIGNS :) I need him more than Ever before....More than the air I breath, More than what anyone thinks, more than anything...I NEED HIM :)

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