Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny Pictures Gracie took during the move :) and some gratefulness

Packing and Moving with 3 children under 10 years of age is a very interesting experience :)...We had some pretty funny experineces one of which my two girls getting my phone and taking pics when I wasn't looking LOL....
This picture is obviously been taken by gracie because it is a view of her new room with her play room on attached....LOL

I didn't have a clue she took this...I was cleaning out cabinets in the new house before the move :) Gracie took this...I was actually talking to her about NOT touching the phone...LOL

This is actually a very pretty picture that gracie took at our new house while i was cleaning it up...

Hannah had to have taken this at our old house in the middle of it all...Gracie is serenading her brother on what looks like a high school musical microphone LOL

This was taken by Hannah at the Grocery store a few months ago when i wasn't paying attention..I love this picture :)

HEHEHEHE Gracie obviously took this one...I really need to get the girls a good camera!

I love this picture of my baby boy...I have no idea which child took this one...But it is so good :)

HEHEHE Gracie must have taken this one of herself that night :)

Gracie took this one at our old house on our last night there...HEHEHEHE Hayden was in the playpen with a million gold fish that you can't see :)

Hayden sleeping as i cleaned the new house....He had cried all day and finally gave up and fell asleep....Poor baby :(

I took this one this morning of hayden....He slept all night in the new house and woke up happy...I haven't put up his pictures and I had to move the blind string...But other than that HE loves His new BLUE room :) SWEET BOY :) The girls also enjoyed having their own bedrooms again...ESPECIALLY Hannah bell! :)

Thankful For:

* The Move going smoothly
* Our Movers AWESOME
*Meme and Popee for watching the kids on moving day :) THANK YOU SO MUCH :)
*That our Kids adjusted so well already...sleeping good in their own beds...and napping well! Thank you Jesus
*Still Have no Idea where we are going to church in the morning LOL but I am so thankful for the Light Bulb moments God has given me over the past few weeks and his presence in my life...
*God's Love in my life and his blessings....I am nothing and no good with out God :)

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