Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shane's Last Blog


The journey has come to an end. This Sunday, March 15 will be the last service of Ridge Pointe Church. I want to take this chance to thank some people that have helped us on this journey.

First, to every person that has visited Ridge Pointe. Thank you for giving us a chance. Thank you for taking time to be our guest and for allowing us to share Jesus with you. Second, to every person that moved beyond the guest role and became an active partner with the church. And to those that still would be considered "active" with the church - you have been here through the thinnest times, and I appreciate your support and desire to see Ridge Pointe succeed.

A few personal thanks:
Tommy and Allison Bagwell, who helped us from the beginning. Thank you for your committment and desire to see Ridge Pointe Church make it. We could have never made it as far as we did without your help.
Jason and Paige Martin, who were not married when I met them. Thanks Jason even though you got on my nerves enough to drive me crazy! You helped us to achieve the goal I had in the music area. But you did get me to hate eating at Moe's!
Anthony and Katie Johnson...came here with the aspirations of making $100 a week with a college degree from Lee. Thank you guys for sticking with us in think and thin, and jumping in no matter where we needed help. Anthony you have been a constant friend, and I appreciate that.
Lori and Shannon Crooke, your help in all areas has been a blessing. Thanks to both of you for all your contributions to Ridge Pointe. And Shannon will forever be known to me as the Outreach Pastor!
Jonathan and Bridgette Williams time was short here, but I also am thankful for them jumping in head first without thinking of anything else. Their zeal was transparent for ministry.
Justin and Barbie Kay arrived during a very volitale time at the church. Justin continued to push the music program in the right direction and continued to develop people in the band.

To my wife of 11 years, through all the ups and downs, thank you for sticking with me. You have been my backbone, my strength, and a shoulder to cry on more times than I can imagine. Thank you for putting up with me through these last 27 months. To my kids, I want you to know how proud I am and especially to Hannah. My oldest every Sunday would ask me how many people we had in church and how things went. The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree in my family.

To my uncle, Pastor Dennis Stone, and Abundant Life Church. This was your idea in the beginning. Thank you for being a part and kicking off Ridge Pointe. To my father and the Union Church of God, your financial support and prayers were never unnoticed. To Joe Vicars, Thomas Propes, and the Church of God, thank you for having the faith in me to plant a church and the courage to support it even though it was not the status quo.

So you may ask what does the future hold for Shane? I really don't know right now. 28 months ago I would have never thought I would plant a church. A year ago, I never thought the church I planted would have to close. All I know is that I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And this journey has come to an end.

I bid you a fond adieu...and good night...

Shane Stone

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