Friday, March 13, 2009

What's UP

*Took Hayden to Meme and Popee's Monday...He enjoyed two days of alone time with his meme and popee....He deserved some special treatment away from his sister's :) ....
*Had a blast with Shane and the girls Monday afternoon when we took them to see the Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience...The theater was empty...It was like having our on personal concert :) ......My girls danced, giggled, swooned, screamed, jumped up and down and sang so loud that the whole movie theater had to have heard them :) !!!!! they were so cute :)
*We started cleaning out stuff to get ready for packing....Enjoyed watching American Idol with the girls... One night we had sloppy joes and sat on the couch to eat...They loved it :)
*Got our Lil man back and headed to the grocery store....Cleaned more stuff out to send the Piedmont way for an auction at our friends church.....
*Saw the watchmen movie last night with shane....Weird movie and WAY TO LONG!!!!! it was too much information in the 2 hrs and 45 min.....The characters were dark and I really would have been ok without the Hallelujah moment in the movie and the blood and guts!!!! If you go see it don't expect the Normal Heroes....It was very very dark more so than even the last batman movies!

*Starting to get serious about packing today....Excited about having a moving company move us, this will be the first time ever...I don't know what we are going to do...We are so used to being in control of moving LOL we will gladly step aside and let the moving me take over LOL! Looking forward to the new is a lot bigger with more space for us crazy stone's to spread out....Excited about My kids new school, it just won the palmetto award so yay......I will miss our neighbors and our cute little house, but we know this is the best choice for our family.... since rpc will no longer be in existence we have no reason to be 30 to 40 min away from our hometown...We moved here to be close to the church and church people here, but we feel it is best to go home ...With our 3 kids it will be a blessing to be closer to family and friends and Shane's work...You don't realize how important that all is until you have 3 LOL...It was the hardest decision we made yet, but the right one for us!
*our last sunday as pastor's and as Ridge pointe church is this sunday! Although it is a relief on us as a family it is also very hard and emotional...A lot of hard work, love, financies, vision and friendship has been poured into RPC...A lot of beautiful memories made and smiles and hope have come from the church called RPC...God doesn't measure success as we measure it...To man our church looks like a failure, but to God He only see's success...People who used to be unchurched are now churched because of RPC, people that were once lost are no found because RPC, People who said they would never step foot into a church again did because of RPC....Some who had lost their way found it again because of RPC....So a failure no, not even close....We don't shut the doors, but rather send the vision flying off into this lost and dying world...Send out the ones who God brought through to carry the vision of RPC...Instead of it becoming stagnate and dead now the vision and spirit of RPC will live through the very ones that God touched :)! So a huge success it was!

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Christina said...

I'm sorry that rpc is closing, but I feel sure that you guys have impacted more people then you will ever know until you get to heaven!! Both you and Shane have an amazing gift, you...your voice, Shane...his passion for the lost, and I'm sure God has amazing plans for you guys! I wish you well and look forward to keeping up with you guys through the blog:)