Monday, March 23, 2009

My Thankful Heart

*I am so blessed to have my 3 babies...

Hannah is growing so fast, too fast....She is beautiful beyond compare...I love her silly yet quite ways...She has a servants heart and longs to help others in any way that she can....She always has her head in a book and is very very quite unless she is very comfortable with you...She has the sweetest personality and compassion that amazes me daily.... Hannah is my giver she loves to give especially if it is for Jesus...! She is the animal lover and bug collector...She is so caring and has so much concern for others and their feelings....She is always concerned about our family and the well being of each one of us....She has the most tender heart of the 3

Gracie is so cute...She is toothless for the most part which just adds to her cuteness...She giggles all of the time and is full of energy and life...She is what the world calls dramatic and what I call passionate :) LOL....She is my loudest child and you never have to wonder if she is in the room :)...she will always let you know she is there....Gracie is the Loving one of the family...She loves Jesus and tells everyone...She says I love you a million times a day and you never ever have to ask her to pray over a meal because she will remind you! Gracie is my shopper and dancer...She is a girly girl....She is the most passionate of the 3

Hayden is my lil Hercules :) he is full of energy and curioucity that the girls never had....He has to touch everything and explore...He loves to knock things over and tear things up...My girls NEVER did this...It amazes me how different he is....HE loves to pick up heavy things and throw them across the room LOL and I swear he looks like the worlds strongest baby when he does it :) HEHEHEHEHE.....He is laid back like hannah for the most part, but every now and then let's out a scream or hollers to remind us that he has just enough of gracie in him to let the world know he has arrived :)! He is my little Casanova...He flirts with every woman and girl he meets and can be very solem and serious with strangers he is not comfortable with :)....To only be almost 11 months old he has such a personality that is a mixture of us all...I can see each one of us in him everyday...He loves to kiss and hug and be close to those around him....He is by far the most affectionate of the 3.....

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