Saturday, March 21, 2009

Takin A Break to Say Thanks

I am so thankful to the Lord today for so many things but here are a few :)!

*Our time here at our river walk home...It was a place of peace, serenity and a slice of heaven :)

*Our crazy awesome new home and the God send it is for us Stone's WHOA :)

*The chance to sit back and witness my husband, (once again) be an audacious giver..........Shane has amazed me for 10 years with his huge heart that is willing and eager to share and give and bless others in all sorts of ways.......Today was just another one of those days in our home where us stone's got to see our man's amazing heart of giving..I am starting to truly see why God is pouring the blessings out on us that we don't deserve.It is seriously because of that man's heart and the gift of giving.....For the simple fact He knows shane is willing to give give give everything we have.......It is truly more blessed to give than it is to receive....

*That Shane has stirred something in me to get our family as whole in the gift giving mood...I mean the kind that goes as a family and serves the families of the kids who are sick in the hospital...The kind of family that every week takes a meal to an elderly person or changes a light bulb for a widow who can no longer reach the bulb to replace it...The kind of family that goes shopping for clothes or groceries, not for us, but another family....We have a new ministry ahead of us and that is to be the family that gives of our self more than ever :) What would happen if We ALL did this! WOW we could change the world!

*God's Blessing in our families life, that we can bless others; for that is the only reason we are blessed is to bless others, otherwise what good would blessings be if we kept them all to ourselves :)?....

* My 3 amazing and beautiful babies who also have the sweet heart of their precious daddy! I can't wait to watch them grow up to become selfless, kind and compassionate human beings who share Christ through their loving and giving hearts:)

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