Friday, February 20, 2009

what's been going on this week well here it is :)

*Hannah quit horse back...She has fallen a good bit off of her horse, but a few weeks ago she fell mid jump while jumping a 2 ft rail...she hit her back and neck and hurt for a couple of days...Monday was her lesson and she refused to go and had a panic attack almost! She still loves horses and hopes to get back on them again, but needs a break for a while!

*Shane and I have a lot of decisions to make in a short amount of time...most of which are very anticipated...Sometimes i feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff facing us, but i certainly am excited by it as well. It's all good and will be a huge blessing for our family in every way....

*I am so in love with my man :)....I love working on our marriage together. I am so thankful for our relationship but, also for all he does and brings to goals for the past few weeks have been to work on myself as a wife and to respect my husband as God has called me to do....I must say that Shane is pretty amazing at showing his love for me..He knows exactly what i need in our relationship and what it means for me to feel loved by him...He isn't perfect; trust me, but he has and does work hard and show the effort to be the husband that God has called him to be...I however as many women have a hard time bringing to the table the respect and affirmation that he needs to feel loved...this is biblical for me to do this and it is overlooked by tons of women in their marriage because they don't think that respect and affirmation is what their husband needs to feel loved...God shows us this clearly in his word to help us better understand our men, but it is easier sometimes to roll my eyes and call him an idiot or act mad at him when he comes home just because i feel like it :) i am not always like this to shane, but had to step back and assess my calling as a wife to love my husband and to be more diligent in my efforts to work on our relationship...We all should strive to do better as a wives and husbands and work on ourselves instead of trying to fix the other person :) so that is what i have been doing and working on!

*Took Hayden to the Doctor for his 9 month check up...Ended up having to take Hannah too...She woke up yesterday with 102.8 temp....
Hayden's visit went well...He got his normal vaccine and a flu shot as well...He is 95 percentile in weight and off the charts in Height..coming in at almost 31 inches tall! He is reacting to his flu shot with flu like symptoms today so i am not liking that to much...It is hard to see my little man sluggish and out of it! :( he is crawling very well and into everything...He makes me giggle with some of his serious faces that he makes...what a cute, sweet little man....
Hannah has a virus/stomach bug/ i have no idea really what it is that you could call it but she has been home from school for two days...She has a persistent fever of 102.8 that has to have motrin to bring it down, but it comes back as soon as the medicine has worn i am going to have to take her back to the doc for a round of tests if it doesn't go away in the next day or so! She is my sweet baby girl and I hate for her to be sick period! Even sick she makes me smile with her funny little way that she has :) My sweet baby girl who is also my clone :)
*Gracie is going stir crazy and driving me,hayden and hannah nuts....she had to miss school as well since she only goes for 3 hrs a day it is kind of hard to get her there and pic her up with two other kids not feeling well ...:) Shane has been amazing... he took time out to help me take the kids to the doc and has run countless errands for me so I am so thankful for him...I know he is super busy so it means a lot to me!

* Got rid of twitter this week...Only got it because shane had it LOL so he got sick of some of the guys(churchplanters) on his and deleted his account so i did too since he isn't on there and he is the one that created my if you followed me on twitter and wonder why it is gone that is why!

I have never bleached and sprayed lysol so much in my whole life than in the past few days :) LOL ehehheheehheehehe I am seriously looking at purchasing probiotics asap!

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