Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold Vs. Flu

Hannah started feeling horrible last Tuesday and had a tummy ache and horrid headache, but she felt better for a little while after I gave her Tylenol..So I sent her to school Wednesday only for her to come home feeling bad again with no real reason...Wednesday night Hannah's head was hurting so bad she was crying and she kept saying that she just felt so bad....Thursday she woke up with 102.8 temp, mild sore throat, vomiting, headache and just felt horrible....The Doc ruled out strep and said she had a sore throat virus....NOT I believe she has had the stinking flu and I stand by my mommy diagnoisis....she stayed sick with a fever for 2 full days and she has had all of the flu symptoms over a 7 day period, but ended up with a horrible nasty cough the last 2 out of the 7 days she has been sick and she still feels weak at times....For the most part she is okay!
Yesterday...Gracie started acting funky with her tummy...She has tummy issues anyway so i just assumed that it was her regular problem then today she came home from school feeling horrible and listless....I checked her temp and it was 101.6...she has fussed about a horrible headache and sounds like a seal...She told me earlier that she just felt horrible...
Hayden saw the doctor the same day Hannah did but wasn't sick...He saw the doc for a check up and got a flu shot, but I don't think it was in time because it takes 2 weeks for the shot to actually work! GREAT :) RIGHT?....He has been sick with a nasty cold and cough and runny nose and not eating well but No temp so far...?!?! I have no idea what is up with him....I am just praying that next week he doesn't show up with the temp and start the same mess my girls have had.....

SO if you are wondering if you or your kids have the flu or not or if it is just a cold here are the symptoms :)
Flu Symptoms are this (Hannah had all of these over a 7 day period)
Dry cough
Fever - may be high
Muscle aches and stiffness
Sore throat
Stuffy, congested nose
Other symptoms may include:
Croupy cough
Loss of appetite
Nasal discharge

Cold Symptoms
Fever Rare
Headache Rare
Aches,Pains Slight
Fatigue, Weakness Quite mild
Extreme Exhaustion Never
Stuffy Nose Common
Sneezing Usual
Sore Throat Common
Chest Discomfort,
Cough Mild

If you have kids...Get Germ X and Make sure they are using it....I make hannah and gracie load up on it in the car when i pick them up from school and I remind them to wash their hands or germ x during the school day! Hannah's teachers are all germ freaks so i honestly think she got it from church not school!

I have turned into a nut...I went to walmart and sprayed the buggie with lysol then wiped it down with germ x I have never been like this but We have never been sick like this and I have become a believer in prevention! .....I have also invested in proboidics and lots of yogurt to keep the stomach bug down....My friend allison has given this to her kids for years and they NEVER have the stomach bug...

I look forward to flu season being over especially for my house...Hope everyone stays well :)


Allison said...

Please don't jenks me! LOL! Hope everyone is feeling well soon! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I follow Shane's blog and happened to click on yours today. This is Derek Parker and we use to live on the campground with you and Shane. I know all this sickness is hard to cope with. After reading your story on the flu, etc I thought you would want to know of ActivePure that kills germs on surfaces (no checimals). Watch the video and look at what KSU found that it kills. Go to I hope everyone gets better soon.