Sunday, February 15, 2009

my valentine's weekend weekend

*Laughed so hard at Gracie during lunch making "Daddy Faces" out of her pizza treatza lunchable :)

*Got so mad at hannah's school and can't wait for her to switch..I love her teachers, can't stand district one! :)and no i didn't show my anger, but OHHHHH i wanted too :)
*Had a blast watching the girls play outside with their friends while hayden took his ritual afternoon nap...
*Gracie began to learn to ride her bike with no training wheels :)

*Had an awesome family night friday night...i made chicken alfredo w/ basil and tomatos and garlic so good...and then we watched the mummy 3 it was funny :)! Hannah laughed so hard and gracie fell asleep as usual :)

*Slept in for the first time in a LONG time....SO nice the whole family slept until about 10 am saturday
*the girls had a birthday party next door so shane and i relaxed on the couch while hayden took his afternoon nap...we watched our recorded flip this house episodes...LOVE that show...FUnny:)
*Got some beautiful valentine flowers from shane, but i must say every day is a valentine's day with him :)....
*us stone's headed over to gville valentine night to eat and visit with shane's memaw for valentine's day! she was so sweet :)
*we have been wanting cracker barrel forever and decided to go...Hayden got a taste of some of the food and his facial expresion looked like a drug addicted...he ate a whole bisguit, mac n cheese and greenbeans OH my lord it was the funniest experience :)
*I got to sit with my two men at church this morning....LOVED it...
*Our saturday's and sundays are so awesome...We spent the afternoon playing wii, watching flip this house and playing outside...I love watching shane play with our girls outside...
*Shane grilled steaks and catfish on our grill while i baked steak fries :) yummy :)
*Watched WWE and Got so tickled at Hannah how angry she gets at the matches with her daddy :)

had a wonderful weekend I am so blessed :)

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