Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Flu at My House WHOO HOOO

So my mommy diagnosis was totally wrong THANK GOODNESS No Flu!!!!! Took Gracie too the Doctor today and she had fever,headache,tummy ache, cough, body aches,Exhaustion, but it was just a virus and she is gonna be okay..She has rested the past couple of days so good deal....Hayden has been acting puny as well so I decided to ask the doctor to check him and turns out my lil man has an ear infection...Glad he was checked today....So needless to say I have had 3 sick kids for over a week plus i have visited our kids doctor twice in one week....I think we have met our deductible by now :) Hannah is finally acting herself and Gracie is not running a fever tonight so we are on the right track....Got Hayden some strong meds for the infection :)!!!!

I am so thankful we don't have the influenza in our house :) PTL !!!!!

Maybe we can get back to normal over the next couple of days! YEAH RIGHT the stone's NORMAL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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