Thursday, February 26, 2009

"crack" er barrel

The past couple of weekends us Stone's have eaten at the "CRACK" er barrel...Our First family dinner there with Hayden was on valentines night....LOL he was so funny OMG...He decided to stick his nose up at the baby food i brought and reach for some yummy cracker barrel biscuits...Needless to say his first visit turned my sweet baby boy into a ravaged animal with the wild eyed look of a "crack" addict LOL....I have never seen anything like it in all my life....He sounded like a little pig snorting after his food...One Bite of the mac n cheese, green beans and homemade biscuit and that is all it took...My sweet little boy ate like a grown man :) it was so funny and I will never forget his face as long as i live...The pictures above don't do his actual look justice, because by this point he had finished a whole biscuit, side of mac n cheese and a half order of green beans :) oh lord...Baby food has not been the same since :) HEHEHEHEHHE

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