Monday, February 2, 2009

My Weekend

*Had a Horrid Cold that felt like the flu for 3 days but didn't stop just kept might would have only lasted one day had I rested (SHRUG) LOL

*Went to Powerdersville Friday Night and Had a blast with the Cox's until midnight...we are crazy :) I felt horrible but they cheered me up :) we ate at sonny's and then went to their house for a while....Hayden LOVES Dana :) but Jimmie Not so much LOL he was going into convulsions at the site of Jimmie :) LOL hehehe it was hilarious :)...I think he has bad memories of him holding him during the play...Hayden is seriously over being baby Jesus! LOL

*Saturday was a amazing day...I felt soooooooo bad but enjoyed our family time....we did our normal I hop thing and Played around the house the rest of the day...Saturday night we watched movies....Toy Story....and then Home Alone 2 We laughed so hard till we cried..What is it about people getting hurt? I just don't know but it is funny :)....I had a blast watching Shane and the Girls Play football in the back yard the were cute....Shane made the girls do a push up once or twice it was sooo funny :) They were laughing and giggling :)!

*Yesterday was sooo good....Church was good...Loved the P & W and Shane's message on marriage was really good and made me want to be a better wife and convicted me of prioritizing my marriage...Now Our marriage is up there to me on the list of priorities, but I do however have a few things before it that need to be moved down a couple of rows :)....We honestly have a really good marriage, but that doesn't mean he doesn't drive me nuts HEHEHHEHEHEE and that I don't drive him nuts occasionally i mean we are human...I want to strive to be a more "Excellent Wife" Got to get that book :) Ya know you always have to work on it ;). ...After Church we had another amazing family day.....I even went outside and threw the football a few times :)....Loved the super bowl last night.....I was just as into it as I am watching the panthers....If you didn't know, i was yelling and screaming for the Cardinals...Kurt Warner is awesome and I love Larry Fitzgerald :) They played a good game...I was so tense and crazzzzy during the game....I told shane if hayden really ever does play i will be clawing people's eyes out LOL HEHEHEHHHEHEHE I really don't know what it is, but football makes me crazy :) LOL HEHEHHEHEHEH I LOVE IT :) WHOO HOO...Looking forward to the Pro Bowl Next week GO NFC :) wink wink :)

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Allison said...

We watched all the Home Alone's during Christmas. Eli and Bleeze were laughing so hard through all of them I thought they would die! Love you!