Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giving some Thanks WHOO HOOO

*so grateful for heat during this cold weather...I am a true southern girl and HATE the cold DESPISE it even.....I love fall,spring and summer but would skip over winter any day! I hate snow and ice and frigid temps....Bring on the heat :)

*Glad to have good moisturizer :) LOL for me and my kids :)

*Thankful I am on my way to losing my extra 20 lbs...6 lbs down only 14 to go!

*My Shane :) I love him so much, He drives me nuts :) HEHEHE in a romantic crazy sort of way :) but OHHHHHH I Love him :)

*My Tween Hannah LOL heard on the Today show this morning while folding laundry that Hannah is officially a tween :) OKAY :)? whatever that means ?!?!?! LOL "it is what it is" in the great words of John Fox :) LOL

*My Snaggle Tooth Gracie "AKA FANCY NANCY"

*My LIL Linebacker Hayden who is according to my scale 30 lbs :) at almost 9 months old :) and just as tall as he is wide :) HE IS HUGE! as Anthony said Sunday after seeing Hayden in a Football Jersey...."Offensive Lineman"....The Pic to your right is his wheaties pic :) LOL HEHEHEHEHE

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