Friday, January 30, 2009

Thankful Hearts :)

I am so thankful for

*my grandparents

*portrait innovations

*Allison AHHHH she is my breath of fresh air ;)

*The Beautiful Sunset tonight...GORGEOUS :)

*The CHICK pointe Girls :) You put a spark in me that has been missing in me for a while :) thank you TEAR TEAR :)

*My 3 lil kiddo's I am so blessed to have 3 beauties :)

*My Awesome Garage :) LOL okay so i know that is totally lame but listen it is awesome to be able to pull in this space and not get wet and wind in your face I LOVE IT :)

*That I have a place to worship God and the opportunity every week to assemble with others for the cause of Christ and see lives changed in a new and different way

* I am Thankful for and Humbled by the blessings that God has poured in to my life....from material blessings to the most precious of blessings my family and dear friends..I am so undeserving of it all and so humbled that He my heavenly father cares so much for me and loves me so much to even think about blessing me with His goodness, mercy, grace, finances, health ,companionship, friendship and children and so on and on and on...I am blown away at the outpouring of blessing in my life! I am AMAZED :)

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Allison said...

Love you.........

(I love my garage too... I just never get to park in it. I get to get