Friday, February 6, 2009

TGIF Thanks

*first off that my gracie is okay...she scared me half to death yesterday, but I am glad she is okay :) Thank you Jesus

*The simple fact that it is Friday

*The warmer weather today and for the next couple of days AHHH love warmer weather

*My sweet Shane...Sometimes I feel like such a horrible wife :) but I love him so much!

*my cute pink macbook air LOVE IT Thank you Shane :)

*That our Heat is working right for a was not working properly but is nice and cozy now...Just a simple little problem...

*That our master bathroom pipe to our shower didn't bust...the vent in the bricks was open and caused that one pipe to freeze the other night....the rest of the house was fine thank the Lord, but that one was froze solid....We closed the vents and the pipe is fine :) YAY! I guess we are still getting used to the new house :) which I am also thankful for...So cute and Love it so much :) Thank you Jesus!

*Thankful for the weekend and a chance to breath for the crazy week we have had :)

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