Sunday, January 18, 2009

My weekend

*Had fun friday with Allison and her boys....They came over and we hung out..Shane,Popee, Me and the girls went to see Mall Cop!
LOL it was hilarious.
*Saturday us stone's did our usual brunch but went to ihop...YUMMY...then i ran into target for the formula..I buy target brand it is only 14 bucks for the huge can i also picked up the most awesome cleaning tool ever especially for a home with lots of wood floors...Swiffer Sweeper...I had heard from several people that it was awesome sooooo I had to get one and I LOVE IT! Saturday night was so much fun...we hung out at the brevards house...Those guys are so fun!OH yeah gracie Lost her 5th tooth and is working on her sixth!
*Today was really good to...Loved the Huge snow flakes this morning, my kind of snow...the non stick kind :)...Enjoyed shane's awesome message and then we headed to the mexican restaurant our sunday stop i guess LOL.... no one else wanted to come...guess they don't like mexican or either we stink? not sure probably the later LOL!!! Did a cool birthday party this afternoon with hayden and gracie then came home and just hung out and chilled...Hayden and Gracie have been playing and making me giggle while shane and hannah have been running all over town :) having daddy/daughter time....I am so glad he is spending time with our big girl :)! Watched the movie "Wizard" Ok so this is an oldie..1989 well come to think of it that isn't that long ago to me but, one of my favorite actors fred savage is in it :) loved the "wonder years" btw :) hehehehe if you don't know him or that show you would know his brother ben savage from boy meets world..Anyway...did some laundry, fed hayden 10 ounces of food plus eight ounces of juice, but he has only had 2 bottles of milk today so the food is naturally increasing WHAT? that kid is a bottomless pit!
I look forward to putting the kids to bed, watching desperate housewives and going nite nite...i am sleepy :)

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