Friday, January 16, 2009

More from the Book Love your LIfe by Victoria Osteen

Keeping the Right Perspective

- Scripture encourages us to constantly put on a fresh new mental attitude. When we wake up in the morning, we should choose to focus on good things; we should choose to be grateful; we should choose to be excited about the day.

- Negative thinking makes the small stuff seem so much bigger, until we are living in constant worry and frustration.

- Those people with the best perspective on life choose to be happy and content with what God has given them.

- To keep the right perspective, we have to magnify the right things in our lives.

- Your life was meant to be enjoyed; you weren't created to constantly struggle and be perpetually discouraged.

- "Your attitude determines your altitude"

- Don't long for the good old days. These are the good old days, so make them count!

- We have to keep our eyes on the big picture so we don't miss the beauty of the moment.

- Seeing the big picture can help us keep the right perspective.

- One of the ways to find balance again is by learning to recognize and avoid exaggerated thinking.

- When exaggerated thinking creeps in, it can cause us to miss so many opportunities and important moments with family and loved ones.

- Everything doesn't have to e perfect before you can enjoy life.

- Make your relationships a priority and find simple ways to enjoy the people you love.

- The most rewarding relationships are built and proven over time.

- Instead of focusing on the problems, choose to focus on the treasure of the relationship.

- We must take control of our thoughts; don't let the negative play over in your head and cause you to say and do things you will regret later.

- When it comes to those little irritations, let people off the hook by looking for the best in them.

- Your words have power to influence other people

- Having the right attitude and perspective means being flexible when things don't go the way you expect.

- A positive person sees the best in every situation and uses her energy to bring solutions to life's challenges.

- When you have a positive attitude, you are cooperating with God.

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wrknprogress said...

Sounds like a good book with some good stuff in it! Thanks for posting these, they are very helpful and encouraging.